based in Zug, Switzerland

The Ecosystem

APPICS AG is leading the charge in the third web revolution. As a web3 development company, we are committed to building and scaling applications that make the power of blockchain technology accessible to everyone. Our ecosystem is constantly expanding, with cutting-edge projects like the reward-based social media dApp "APPICS," an NFT marketplace, P2E game, and Metaverse spaces for content creation, community building and hosting of events.

Our founders have been at the forefront of the blockchain industry since 2011, with a wealth of experience in mining, trading, marketing, and scaling companies. We are poised to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the masses, leveraging our extensive network in both the mainstream and blockchain industry, along with our AI tools and expertise. Join us as we shape the future of the web and unlock new possibilities for humanity.


The APPICS App is a social media platform that rewards users for creating and curating content. The integrated reward system allows users to earn tokens for sharing, commenting, and voting on content. On APPICS, users have control over their information and distribution of rewards, and directly benefit from the platform's growth. Our mission is to give users the value they create back to them, through a decentralized contribution-reward system. The APPICS token (APX) returns value to the creators and curators of the network. Attention is a valuable asset and we aim to give it back to the users instead of just keeping it with the platform. With the ability to turn content into tokens, APPICS users gain instant control over their influence and earnings, without depending on advertising companies, and with full transparency of all transactions. As a web 3.0 platform, APPICS empowers its users by giving them back control over their content, feed, and rewards.


APPICS is a blockchain-powered dApp available on the App Store and Google Playstore, providing an easy way for users to interact and engage with the digital world. The platform serves as a web3 community building platform where users can share their passions and be rewarded for their efforts through a decentralized reward system. Appics also has several other innovative features such as monetizing content creation, AR and VR technologies, NFT launchpad and marketplace, Metaverse development for events and gaming, and Web3 consulting and services. APPICS is a live working product that exemplifies the capabilities and potential of web3 technology to revolutionize the way we interact, transact and consume in the digital era.

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