Content Regulation

Although APPICS is a decentralized application without direct censorship, there will still be regulations upheld for the content that can be posted. Any content promoting violence, hate, criminal activity, racism or inappropriate nudity will not be tolerated. Abusive content will be filtered by moderators. Users have the ability to report certain content, which will be reviewed by moderators within 24 hours and if the content doesn’t comply with our regulations, the visibility in the app and rewards will be removed immediately. Furthermore Appics has a decentralized self-governing mechanism through the feature “downvoting”, which allows users to take responsibility and action to remove rewards and visibility from inappropriate content themselves.

Ownership of Keys

APPICS users are in ownership and full control over their keys. This allows for appropriate wallet security while at the same time preserving usability.

Fake Accounts

While all network transactions will be completely secured by the nature of the Blockchain, APPICS accounts will be secured by passwords and mobile phone number verification.

It’s our priority to provide our users with a platform that is secure and safe in every way. Measures to prevent multiple account creation: A downside of the gamification of social media is that people will attempt to create more than one account, subsequently post and “vote multiple times, thereby manipulating the system and subverting its purpose. Appics will require users to register also through their social accounts. Furthermore, APPICS will ensure the authenticity of accounts through several methods, such as mobile phone verification and e-mail verification.

Terms and Conditions

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