APPICS reward-based social media app introduces a new ecosystem which merges lifestyle, passion and user-generated income inside a single mobile application. Unlike any other popular social media site, where 100% of the platform’s value and revenue goes to the corporate shareholders, APPICS enables all users to earn a fair share of the overall revenue, as well as creative influence within the network, through our reward-token "APX".

APPICS has a fast growing community which is constantly providing input for the best user experience. Join the movement and be part of a great journey.

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Sharing Content

On APPICS users are able to share photos and short videos, A.I-generated content as well as 3D assets or interactive experiences. APPICS turns the traditional social media hierarchy around by giving its users the opportunity to receive financial compensation directly from their content and engagement, earning real revenue from receiving “likes” directly via blockchain technology.


Comments on Appics are not only a form of engagement, but also a form of content in their own right. Not only can users post pictures and videos to the platform, but they can also leave comments on other users' posts. These comments can range from simple reactions to more detailed opinions and observations.

One unique feature of Appics is that users can vote on comments, just as they can vote on posts. This incentivizes users to leave positive, helpful, and encouraging comments, as these are more likely to receive votes and increase in popularity. This creates a community where users are encouraged to engage with each other in a positive and productive way.

This feature not only promotes positivity, but also encourages users to think critically about what they post and to add value to the conversation. It also rewards users who contribute meaningful and thoughtful comments, rather than just leaving generic or irrelevant responses.

In addition to voting on comments, users can also flag comments that violate the platform's terms of service, keeping the community safe and respectful.

Overall, the ability to vote on comments on Appics not only adds an extra layer of engagement to the platform, but also encourages users to contribute valuable and meaningful content in the form of comments. This creates a community where users can share, learn, and grow together.


Users who vote on content are like the engine of the network. The more active engagement we find on a platform, the higher the value rises of the platform. Currently, the curators of social media networks are overlooked and there are no implementation plans that would reward those who spend their time interacting on social media networks. We want to reward active users who give value to the content creators, by giving them back a proportional share of all payouts and distribute it accordingly.

For example: When John votes on a post from Sophia on the APPICS platform, John plays a part in contributing, giving the content created by Sophia value. Sophia receives a payout for creating the content and John also receives a share of Sophia’s income for his supportive action. This is a win-win situation, encouraging and incentivizing support and engagement.


APPICS power represents APPICS tokens, which have been integrated into a smart contract. The amount of APPICS power represents the level of influence that an account has compared to the rest of the network. The amount of tokens represents the power of one’s “vote”. Thus, the more APPICS power an account has, the higher the voting power aka. more impact its “vote” has. This creates a game-like competitive environment.

There are different milestones of APPICS power to be achieved that unlock features within the APPICS ecosystem and encourage the long-term commitment of new users even further.

APPICS power shows the belief in the platform and its future. APPICS wants to create a sustainable economy and therefore we use the mechanism of APPICS power to eliminate the risk of short-term dumping. Receiving APPICS power is like a commitment, which also encourages users to recognize the value of long-term commitment.

Voting Slider

This feature lets you distribute your voting power. With the “Voting Slider” you can choose what percentage of your voting power you want to “vote” on a post with. The voting slider let’s users divide their voting power intuitively. Since users have limited voting power, we encourage users to vote less than 50% of their voting power on content they regard as “less high quality” and only choose to reward high quality posts with more than 50% voting power. Depending on the amount of voting power a user has, the more careful and with less percentage he/she should vote, since someone with more voting power can make a large difference voting with 10%, while someone who is brand new to the platform with less voting power has to use a high percentage to make a difference.

Voting Power Bar

The voting power bar displays the amount of voting power a user has left to take actions on the blockchain and works as followed: Here is an example of how voting power works:

100% voting power = 50 points

1 Blockchain action (100% upvote OR 1 post/comment) = 5 points

Therefore if a user upvotes with 50% of their voting power the voting power goes down 2,5%.

However every hour 1 point gets added back to the voting power. So for example: if a user votes on 10 posts with 100% of their voting power within an hour, then their voting power is diminished and he can no longer post/upvote/comment and has to wait until his voting power fills up again.

This mechanism counterfeits spam and encourages users to be selective with their votes.


How do we manage violating content?

Through APPICS’ integrated reward-system, the community is able to self-regulate content and use the stake-weighted voting mechanism both for upvoting content that users want to highlight, while simultaneously being able to use their voting power to downvote content which turns invisible on the user-frontend and strips the post from rewards, if the balance reaches below zero and is detected within the 30-day voting window.

Power Up & Power Down

When a user chooses to purchase APX tokens and use them as voting power on the APPICS plattform, they can choose to “power up” their liquid balance, turning them into APPICS voting power, thus increasing the weight of their vote.

APPICS power (locked APX tokens) cannot be transferred or traded directly, but the account owner has the option to unlock and convert it back to liquid APPICS (APX) tokens in weekly payments through the feature “power down”. Once the power down is initiated, the APPICS tokens will then be paid out in weekly payments (1/10th of the total APPICS power that the account holds).

As the APPICS power decreases, the account also loses voting power proportionally to the amount of tokens withdrawn.

Payout Process & Donation

Every post can earn rewards for a period of 30 days. After the voting period, the voting power button turns into a donation button and enables users to send APX tokens to a user. Beyond supporting other users via upvoting content, users can also choose to

donate Appics tokens by clicking the "donate button" in the menu next to each post.

Wallets & Transfer

The wallet shows the tokens belonging to an account and can be compared to a digital bank account that enables the user to transfer, withdraw and deposit tokens. The wallet account will be directly connected to the user’s APPICS account.

When a new account is registered the APPICS user automatically creates a personal online wallet. Since the blockchain is transparent all transactions are visible, however for the average user the wallet maintains his privacy due to pseudonymous accounts and the interface, which displays the appropriate transactions and allows access for the owner only.

The digital wallet stores the generated coins and can be compared to one’s own personal banking account on the blockchain. Besides the features of direct messaging and instant transfer: APPICS users will have the option to directly send tokens to another user’s wallet within seconds. For the first time a wallet is integrated inside a social media application that is simple, fast and secure.

Imagine being able to securely send tokens from your phone to your friend’s in a matter of seconds, and never having to go through the hassle of traditional remittance.


The “delegation” feature allows users to lend others their voting power. For example: if someone holds APX tokens in their account wallet, but isn’t very active with the account, not sharing content, commenting or upvoting - they could “delegate” their staked / “powered up” APX tokens to another account. The receiving account would be able to vote on content with much more voting power, thus distributing more APX tokens and having more influence over the reward distribution. The receiving account would therefore be able to use the voting power and earn more in return, but would not be able to withdraw or send the delegated tokens. The person on the delegating end can also enter a limited time frame and decide when the delegation should be removed and automatically return back to the owner account.

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