Brands and more

APPICS introduces the discovery page, which is a page solely for sponsors, brands and advertisers. As stated in the core values of APPICS, the user experience comes first and will remain the focus of the application. Users feel abused and taken advantage of by advertising companies, who sneak into their personal feed, which makes the user become upset with the brand being displayed on the AD.

With APPICS users can choose what ADS they want to see, pick a category and consciously scroll through the latest trends, including ADS. That way the trust between user and advertiser can slowly be rebuilt.


The categories on APPICS provide structure and visibility for the user experience. While the option to search for “normal” hashtags remains, there are separate categories that make it simple for content creators to be found and for curators to find what they are interested in. The categories can be adjusted depending on the interests of the market. The following is an example of the categories:

  1. Challenges

  2. NFT

  3. Crypto

  4. Fashion

  5. Lifestyle

  6. Sports

  7. Art

  8. Travel

  9. Food

  10. Fitness

  11. Music

  12. Beauty

  13. Dance

  14. Comedy

  15. Gaming

  16. Business

  17. Tech

  18. Animal

  19. Nature

  20. Purpose

  21. Wisdom

The last category mentioned will be static and gives charity foundations a new solution for transparency. Under the category “purpose”, foundations and individuals can ask for support from the community. The community can help by donating via the “donate button” besides, up-voting the content. In cooperation with APPICS, foundations will have the unique opportunity to provide insight and build trust within their community and in return receive a reliable reputation score and funding.

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